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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Intrepid in the can by October

ST: Intrepid (Aug 31)
The public face of the Intrepid Nick Cook, in common with most who work on fan movies, wears many hats. Not only is he the writer and one of the lead cast members but he is also the mainstay of the wardrobe department! The crew is working steadily towards getting all their shots 'in the can' by October for a 'Winter' release, probably the first quarter '06.

Highlander Trailers on the web but ...?

Starship Highlander (Aug 31)
Robert Amper, the creator of "Raumschiff Highlander", made the first of this German language series of five witty satires on Star Trek way back in 1995. "Starship Highlander" is ample proof that our European cousins have always been creatively and technically up there with the best! The website has downloads of the Trailers but could anyone enlighten me on how to find the full length productions?

Andromeda set to shine

Star Trek: Andromeda (Aug 31)
Lee Andrew, an Englishman who has lived most of his life in Germany, is the driving force behind this German language fan film. Their four clips and an interview will be joined soon by another interview depending on the workload of one of Lee's co-creators, Arbian Shabaj. At the moment they are looking to release their first episode this year.

Constellation on Podcast

Star Trek: Constellation (Aug 31)
This Arkansas group actually has two projects at the concept stage - The Constellation project and "The Continuing Voyage". They have just scored a mention on the latest podcast of Slice of Scifi #021, released Aug 25, which gives a basic rundown of what they are planning. Sounds good!

Dark Armada raised in the Netherlands

ST: Dark Armada (Aug 31)
"Admiral" Robin Hiert an energetic young filmmaker, has gathered a crew from Star Trek fan clubs and gaming clans around the Netherlands and Belgium. In a short five months he and his friends have made several 3D meshes, a dramatic storyline and have generally put together a very strong concept.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Pioneers Ep.6 - The Forgotten War

ST: Pioneers (Aug 28)
Kevin Cho, the supremo of Audio Drama ST: Pioneers, has released their next episode (episode 6), "The Forgotten War". Unless I miss my guess, this is shaping up to be a hard-hitting social commentary in the best tradition of cutting edge Trek! It is available for download from the new Pioneers page on the Darker Projects web site.
"The Federation continues it's expedition into the Far reaches of the Beta and Delta quadrants, however a conflict looms over the horizon. With starfleet already spread thin to protect against the Tholians, Breen, and other aggressors including a rebel group of the Federation, they are hardly in a position to fight on another battlefront."

Monday, August 15, 2005

Seventh Fleet starts filming third episode

Tales of the Seventh Fleet (Aug 15)
Gene Hendricks posted on the Trek United Aus Forum that they have started filming on their third episode, 'A Touch of Home' today. "It went great and I think we're off to an amazing start... We'll probably release it in the late fall/early winter". getting out a third episode this year will make them the third most prolific producer of Trek fan films, in front of both ST:NV and Starship Exeter! A great achievement for this New Jersey fan club. The USS Justice is a member of the Seventh Fleet of Starfleet International, hence the name.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Aussie Klingon Movie Startup

The Klingon Watch (Aug 12)
Tilk of Melbourne, Australia, has put out a call in AusSciFI calling for interested parties within cooee to contact him regarding a Klingon fan film. In early July he posted on the same site about his pre-production work. Qapla'!!

New Mirror Universe Startup in the UK

Star Trek : IMPACT 25 (Aug 12)
A new Trek Fan Film outfit is at the concept stage in the UK. Saying hello on the Hidden Frontier Forum for the first time, their website shows them to be a group of fresh new faces interested in developing on the Star Trek Mirror Universe . Good Luck!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Section 31, Episode 202 - Absent Friends

Star Trek: The Section 31 Files (Aug 11)
New release: Episode: 202 - "Absent Friends"
In the shadow of death the crew comes together to mourn the loss of one of their own.
Written and produced by Eric Busby

Sunday, August 07, 2005

ST:HF in Variety

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier (Aug 1)
It may not be front page but ST:HF have got their name in the entertainment Journal "Variety" in an article by Daniel M. Kimmel entitled "Enterprising fans captain 'Trek' spinoffs; Sci-fi fans are left to their own devices". Congratulations!

ST:HF releases Beachhead

Star Trek: Hidden Frontiers (Aug 7)
Newsletter subscribers have been given the opportunity to download the latest ST:HF episode "Beachhead" in advance of next weeks general release. "Beachhead is Hidden Frontier's most ambitious effort yet – 29 speaking roles in their longest script yet. 'The Federation is at a watershed,' Carlos Pedraza, the writer & director says. 'They face the Tholians and Breen on one side, the Grey on another, and allies who resent Starfleet's secretiveness.'"

Thursday, August 04, 2005

New Voyages announce movie and vignettes

Star Trek : New Voyages (Aug 4)
ST:NV have announced that Jack Marshall and Ethan Calk have written a movie, a two hour presentation, which will be filmed in 2007 depending on finance.

This has caused them to change their filming schedule which was for filming of both Episodes 3 and 4 this coming September. They still plan to film #3, the Fontana "webisode" in September as planned (March 2006 release) however #4, the Trevino/Calk script, will not be filmed until 2006.

To fill in the gap until the release of ep. 3 they have decided to release a series of ten minute "vignettes" (as reported by Jack Marshall on the New Voyages Forum) ...
      ...beginning in late October of this year, and every 4 to 6 weeks after that...The Vignettes will run about 10 minutes each and feature characters from STNV. Currently there are 5 vignettes in pre-production. They include:
    • "Center Seat" written by Erik Korngold, featuring DeSalle and Sulu.

    • "Review" written by Jeffrey Quinn, featuring Spock and Chekov.

    • "Co-Pilots" written by Jack Trevino and Ethan Calk, featuring Rand and DeSalle.

    • "No Lesson Complete" written by Erik Korngold and Ethan Calk, featuring McCoy, Uhura and Chapel, with technical advice from Denise & Michael Okuda.

    • "Change of Command" written by Erik Korngold, featuring (I'm gonna leave this as a surprise).

    • They will all be directed by Erik “Gooch” Goodrich, currently the 2nd Unit Director ...who shot all the Barbara Luna and Malachi Throne scenes for “In Harm’s Way”. Gooch will be filming these while [Jack Marshall will be] filming the Fontana webisode...
    An ambitious and innovative idea for keeping public interest up whilst waiting between episodes.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Hathaway cast changes

Star Trek: USS Hathaway (Aug 1)
Chief Science Officer Lt R'Meera is now played by Natalie Bostleman (formerly Des Jardins), Christen Heilman the original R'Meera was unable to wear the makeup/contacts and the success of her own career has reduced her availability.Jody Snyder will be stepping in as Ameline Des Jardins. Jody's character, Susan Mirsky will now be played by Kristen Walton. Other positions filled are that of the Klingon Commander Ossmak, played by Zack Gilley and the Klingon Officer Maltz, played by John Salisbury.

Trek Fan Productions, August 05

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