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Sunday, July 31, 2005

ST:HF's Pedraza at Dragon*Con, Podcasts

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier (July)
Writer/producer Carlos Pedraza was announced as a panelist on the "Star Trek vs The New Battlestar Galactica" discussion panel at Atlanta's upcoming Dragon*Con on Sept 2-5. He has also recorded a commentary for the recent episode "Homeport" which joins Season 4's "Piracy of the Noble" by writer-director James DeRuvo as an iTunes Podcast. Others are "The Battle is Joined", "Countermeasures" and "Dancing in the Dark". Oh yes, and they too have an IMDB entry as well.

New Voyages on Radio, Wiki, IMDB

Star Trek: New Voyages (July 28)
Walter Koenig, in his appearance on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory talked amongst other things about his appearance in ST:New Voyages, coming in Jan. 2006. Bit of furor earlier in the month about a bogus edit that was put on the New Voyages entry in Wikipedia. This joins their recent listing on IMDB, the Internet Movie Database. Still waiting for photos to be posted on the ST:NV Forum of the sets which have been moved to a new shooting location.

Exeter coming soon

Starship Exeter (July 31)

Act one of Starship Exeter's latest episode "The Tressaurian Intersection" has still not been released. The problem apparently lies with special effects shots which were unusable and had to be done again from scratch. The good news is that Act two will probably be released on the same day.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Excalibur Fund Raising

ST: Excalibur (July 25th)
ST:Ex are doing some serious fund raising with an auction on Ebay of a Walk-On role in one of their First Season Episodes. On July 9th they received their corporate charter so that Excalibur 1705 Films Ltd is now officially incorporated as a Nevada Non-Profit Corporation, meaning they can legally accept donations to help produce the show. Is this a first?

Lexington crew seconded to Intrepid

Star Trek: Lexington (July 29) Sean Koury who plays Captain Freman "appears" briefly in the Scottish Star Trek: Intrepid fanfilm. He is a Commodore in the Intrepid episode and commands the Arizona C, which also gets a mention. How does he commute all the way from Ontario to Ohio and Scotland? Transporter? It's actually just his voice, a one liner, but it is an example of the growing cross-pollination of fan film projects.

Trek Fan Productions, July 05

Welcome to the first months contents page of LIEF Productions. The name? Learned Items Elucidating Fan Productions of course! The inspiration shop was shut so I thought I'd try an Acronym . This is the news in the Trek Fan Production world for July. If I've missed anything, drop me a line and I'll try to correct it. From late this month I started a new tack by blogging individual items. More on that next month ...

In addition I wrote the following editorial piece ...

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