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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Feb Trek papermodels update

Been busy (understatement of the month!) so this is a quick catch up on recent Trek papermodels ...

From a Jan 26 post on the new Papermodels Google group it looks like Jim Lionmane is working on a Star Trek saber class.

Surfduke2001 has been adding models his folder for projects from The Fitzgerald Space Club in the Star Trek & other Scifi Paper Models SmartGroup including a radioactive drum and Pod (needs pepakura viewer). In response to an enquiry from him for a HakoPhaser, Butch Price released his previously unposted "Away Team Accessory Pack" which he was designing for his Trek Hakos. "The pack also contains a couple of communicators and a Tricorder. ... Remember, this was an Alpha [build]... I put mine together, so I am sure you can muster some success."

Speaking of Hakos ... Butch has now released the Uhura and Chekov hako figures, "A bit more cartoony (is that a word?) than the rest of the clan, but I wasn't trying to maker her (Uhura) too provocative; and Chekov is a tough one to make unique, as he has few truly distinguishing features. But this puts the standard bridge crew together : )" Good one, Butch! Now we just need some Nooclear Wessels!

In February. Diego Cortes (Enterprise, Daedelus...) released a krestel shuttle from Babylon 5 and said "I´m working in an old project, one star trek ship, but not federation."

Looking for a card model of the Enterprise-B? Carlos of Brasil who last year gave us a beautiful Enterprise-E has made a prototype, photographs of which can be seen on the Portuguese language Yahoo! group modelismodepapel. Unfortunately my Klingon is better than my Portuguese!

Not canon but dear to all Trek fans, the NSEA Protector from "GalaxyQuest" is now on the Lower Hudson Valley site. Jon Leslie says "A worldwide effort has come together to bring this model to reality. Bill worked on the mesh, Rick on the unfolding, Paul and I on coloring and putting it together as a release"

Alerted by a post by Steve Marshall on the Papermodels II Google group I found "Pirates of the Federation" a "Constructible strategy" game based on the commercial game "Pirates" which has four series so far, Pirates of the Spanish Main, the Crimson Coast, the Revolution and the Barbary Coast. Basically they are a strategy game using ships made from pop-out cards available from games shops.

"Pirates of the Federation" has printable cards which make into such Original Series ships as ...
Federation: Constitution class, Larson, Miranda, Oberth, Loknar
Klingon: D-7, D-10, L-9, Bird of Prey, D-7 Upgrade
Romulan: V-8 Bird of Prey, V-7 Whitewind, V-4 Wing of Vengence, V-11 Stormbird
Orion Pirates: Lightening, Wanderer
Other races: Lotus, Monarch
... my personal favourites are the Miranda class and the Klingon Bird of Prey! These tiny models are ingenious - there are instructions on the web site.


  • Thanks for the link to my site, I had created Pirates of the Federation some time ago but I haven't gotten back to finishing it. Too many irons in the fire most of the time. When I do update it I'll try to let people know.

    By Blogger nnygamer, at 1:46 pm  

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