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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Star Trek returns to the comic world!

Normally I don't write about professional production - there's plenty of other people watching that! - but two items in the news recently make me think that, although CBS Paramount might not be doing any professional TV or movies, they are making a renewed assault on licensing out the Star Trek franchise.

Following a lead from Michelle on Trek Today, I was led to the Comic Book Resources web site, which had the single statement "IDW have the Star Trek license." Checkout their web site, they have a very extensive line of comics covering all genres and a proven track record with franchise tie-ins. It could be in good hands.

Also in April we found out from ICv2 that September is the scheduled release date of the planned Manga style comic series by Tokyopop previously reported in the last issue of the LIEF Erikson. The report also gives a summary of the substance of the first volume which will be an anthology of five stories from the period of the original series.

looks like something for all tastes!


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