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Thursday, February 23, 2006

K'Pinky and the Brain


This little beauty is an example of satire done right. Short, sharp and slips the d'k tahg past their guard into the heart of the matter! This is what you get when you let Klingon mutant mice loose at the cutlery! With an list of guest stars doing cameos - I haven't seen Boris and Natasha in years! - it's fast moving but witty. Media? Not sure, he's photoshopped action figures for some of it, but I think there is a fair amount of original artwork in there as well

My thanks to Keela sutai-Septaric for the heads-up on this one on the Starfleet-L list.


  • Off topic, but I just did a google search and came across your pdf fanzine mentioning my "Animated Star Trek Parody" that was limitedly made available at only one fan site, and want to extend my thanks to you for the mention.
    If I ever do a follow up, it will be an expansion of the fake "preview", providing I can gather enough sound bites, and not quite as naughty as the 7 of 9 episode.

    By Blogger GizmoMkI, at 7:56 am  

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