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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Star Trek: Parallels an Enterprise Live Action Fan Film!

A group of Dutch and Belgian Star Trek fans have announced last month that they have amalgamated as "Fan Trek Productions" to create [… drumroll please ...] a live action, "Enterprise" fan film!

"Star Trek: Parallels" -

As first reported on the ST: Intrepid forum …
The setting is in the Enterprise universe, nearing the end of the war with the
Romulans (think just before the events in "These Are The Voyages" and Archer's
speech). We're following the crew of the NX-03 "Discovery" on a venture out for
resources to help the upcoming Federation with the Romulan threat.
Although there have been rumours of this for months, this is the first official news we have had of this venture. They are right at the start of pre-production and possibly years from a produced episode, by sharing expertise and resources with Star Trek: Dark Armada, they will have a head start.

The other member of the partnership, Dark Armada are working solidly and steadily towards their own fan film series with their first test films shot this month. I'll keep you posted of new developments.


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