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Friday, February 10, 2006

Exeter branches out into other media

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The director of "The Tressaurian Intersection", Scott Cummins, has started producing podcasts featuring interviews and inside information about the production of Starship Exeter. Available as a free download from the Exeter podcast page in the iTunes store, expect to see interviews with "actors, musicians, effects and crewpeople and basically all the folks involved". You'll need to have iTunes installed to do this and if you "subscribe" to it, you'll have the new podcasts automatically downloaded for you to listen to as they become available.

The first podcast was put online Jan 28 and the second on Feb 6. Holly Guess, who plays Commander Jo Harris, the Exeter's executive officer, was supposed to be interviewed for the Podcast #2 but had a rather important real life role as "mother giving birth" at the time so it will have to wait for #3!

Speaking of iTunes ... if you have a video iPod and want to make sure that you get the latest acts of "The Tressaurian Intersection" as soon they are released did you know that you can subscibe to have them downloaded (again, for free) from the video podcast listing? That's correct, every time Exeter release a new segment, it should start downloading automatically when you log on to iTunes next. They promise to make "The Savage Empire" available in the same way

Interestingly, the subject has been raised of putting out Starship Exeter Audio drama episodes to which bfuselek has said that "there are some plans to do an audio production, but i'm afraid that in order to do it right, we won't be able to devote the time and energy until after TTI." elsewhere he said "we are looking into the possibility of doing "atlantis invaders" as our first audio adventure..."

In another thread on the Exter forum the musical director finally got some attention. Ben Jasmine of crateWatchers of Arizona says he's having fun with the project.
Actually, I don't use a real orchestra for the music. Instead, I use very sophisticated sample librarys, probably more expensive than an non-crazy person would want to spend! However, as you can hear, it gets the job done.......Plus it's a LOOOOOOOOOT cheaper ... I've done tons of research on music of this period, and watching the old episodes. I work real close with Jimm and try to capture what he invisions, without straying too far from TOS feel.
Exeter are thinking about putting together a soundtrack CD and marketing it once all the acts have been completed. This is a perfectly legitimate way of recouping costs, since as original compositions and orchestrations they own the material.

Something I have totally missed over the past months, was a thread, once again on the Exeter forum, that showed that steps are afoot to make an Exeter Flash animation! A script, written by John Hazard who has extensive experience as a Flash animator with, has been given the ok by the Exeter producers. To be drawn in the visual style of "Star trek: The Animated Series" (TAS) and voiced by the original actors, negotiations are under way to involve Kail Tescar and his team at . A new forum member, Euripedes, was particularly taken with the idea, but suggested using a different animation software.

... the latest version of Cinema 4D has a very nifty plug-in, called Sketch and Toon. The output of this plug-in is nothing short of amazing, and could solve certain problems when used in conjunction with a program like Poser ... it could make for some nice traditional cell animation similar to styles used in Anime or Batman: The Animated Series ... maybe this program would be a viable solution?

Exeter has a reputation for quality work and they have an established and active fanbase so expanding on the productions that they can provide Trek fandom makes perfect sense!


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