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Friday, February 10, 2006

Section 31 Files in 2005

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The audio drama series "Star Trek: The Section 31 Files" (ST:S31) recently released the sixth episode of their second season, "Fallout" - a significant achievement in a year and a half! They are part of the Darker Projects Audio Works who do a variety of different Audio drama projects - from tales of zombies (Alive Inside), horror and suspense (Night Terrors), original SciFi (Generation 1) and fan audios of Dr. Who, Quantum Leap and He Man. ST:S31 is a compelling dramatic series that found its genesis in an earlier series centring on the USS Defiant at Quantum Realities.

They started their first season in August, last year and since then have completed a 10 episode season (two of which were double episodes) and are on to the seventh episode of their second season! An absolutely amazing work load - and for the fan a large body of work that covers an epic storyline with well developed and engaging characters, action, intrigue and humour!

Eric Busby is the driving force in this group. He writes, directs and does the post production work for most of the episodes … and in common with most if not all fan groups, he has to hold down a day time job to pay for the expenses of the production. He has a team to help him, of course. In fact one advantage of an audio production is that his cast can be, and is, spread all over the world! Try doing that with a live action show without spending a year on Green-screen post production!

In January they are more than half way through their second season. The storyline tells how the surgical strikes of the daring crew of the Nosferatu affect the political climate of the Star Trek universe in the wake of The Dominion war. Under attack from the Tholians and the Borg, the alliance of the United Federation of Planets begins to fracture. A faction known as the Divine Celestial Imperium takes advantage of this unrest and begins to consolidate its position. The teasers for the next episodes tell us how in quick succession …
  • In the shadow of death, the crew comes together to mourn the loss of one of their own.
  • In the midst of acts of terrorism destabilising the Federation, the daughter of Kahless has been kidnapped and it's up to Section 31 to rescue her. But will they be in time?
  • Equity Corps holds the crew of the Nosferatu captive. Meanwhile one of the crew makes a startling discovery.
  • Countless worlds have fallen. All the stars shall go out... There is only horror now.... Horror and death....
  • In the aftermath of the storm trilogy.... everything changes.
Receive the episodes by downloading them from the Darker projects website or as a Podcast available from any of the Podcast directories or add them to your RSS Feed reader.

The future? Well, its to be hoped that Section 31 will continue to provide it's large fanbase with quality audio drama. Over the past year, Eric has been a strong advocate of cross-fertilisation of Fan Production groups. ST:S31 for example has strong ties with "Star Trek: Hidden Frontiers", who have in turn given a recurring role to one of their characters, General Korg, and the actor who plays him, Karl Puder.

Another Star Trek project that has been "on the boiler" at ST:S31 for quite a while is "Star Wars: Crossroads". It was planned to be a feature length audio drama set for release sometime in Winter/Spring 2006 however work on this project is now on hold. Two episodes are already available and it seems to be an elegant premise for a Star Wars / Star Trek crossover as can be seen from this snip from Wikipedia … "A certain Q we are all familiar with … is forced to enlist the help of not only the Federation, but also a civilisation from an entirely separate dimension and reality. With not only our universe at stake, the New Republic faces the exact same disaster. … In this adventure we learn not only about new aspects of both legends, but the answers to many questions that have arisen in past events in both realities' histories. … The production is set to take place shortly after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi."

Another interesting snippet I found, was in a post on the Hidden Frontier forum from Eric dated Aug 14 …

"For the moment we are limited to the audio field. However we have plans to make a series of short flash based films sometime in the coming year."

They have a head start: experience in Script writing, audio production and editing as well as a proven track record on meeting a schedule. All they need is someone with video production experience, perhaps Eric has someone in mind?


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