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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Starship Farragut in 2005

Location: Washington D.C. area, USA

The newest American fan film group, based in the Greater Washington, D.C. area, was officially launched at the Shore Leave Convention only a few months ago. Storyboarding, casting, costumes etc have all gone well.

The series trailer was originally planned to introduce the core cast of four: Cpt Jack Karter, first officer Cdr R.T. Tacket, engineer Lt Cdr Michelle Smithfield and security chief Lt Hank Prescott. The first three are friends whilst the fourth, the security chief who had been on the ship previously, is the odd one out.

Although most of the cast & crew are from the Greater Washington, DC Area, John Broughton, SR., the producer's father, travelled from Cincinnati, OH to take part in the filming as Commodore Broughton.

One element of the Original Series that I am happy to say has been revived is the return of the little red mini-dress! Tonya Bacon who plays Ensign Alissa Moretti is sure to be a winner with the young (and not-so-young) male demographic. Another interesting revival is their idea to use a physical model for their exterior ship scenes.

They have just finished filming the exteriors for a trailer in the first week of October in a national park outside of DC. The Interiors, using greenscreens for the trailer (they will be building sets later), was filmed in November, with editing and post production planned over the rest this year. Slated for finish at the end of December, the trailer is to be officially launched at the Farpoint Convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland which starts February 17.

Unlike many productions that rely heavily on sets and greenscreens they are going to use more live locations to capture much of the essence of a weekly 'exploration' of other worlds.
Their current schedule is for a ten episode "season" although they admit they will be lucky to get out two episodes a year. They now envisage their first episode, "The Captaincy", in pre-production from Nov. to Jan. next year to start filming in the 1st Quarter of 2006.

As with most groups, the crew roster is in constant flux with current vacancies for a Lead Costume Designer and cameraman. They have also picked up new members such as a fight choreographer and caterer.


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