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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Monument in 2005

Location: France
Website: None

"Star Trek Monument" is a French Fan Film, a collaboration between Constellation Studios and Unification, the French Star Trek Fan Club, which started in November 2003 with the exterior Forest scenes. Work continued in December 2003 and January & March 2004 with Green-screen work in the studio. Post production work must have started because on March 9th it was reported on the Unification website that the first images had been released. Previously on Feb 11th they had released the official photos. There's been no more news, nor have we been able to contact them. There doesn't seem to be any release date as yet.

Update - I've noticed that Unification also has a news item about a parody that this groups is supposed to be making at the same time called "The Young and the Trekless" which is a take off from - you'll never guess! - "The Young and the Reckless". This item was dated march 28th and mentions that Monument is to be released in 2005 and that they are to have a website in line soon. Sadly, neither seems to have eventuated.


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