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Monday, February 06, 2006

USS Hathaway in 2005

Location: NW Ohio, USA

This fanchise has taken the novel approach of taking a minor element from one of the TV Series - in this case the USS Hathaway, a Constellation class starship, from it's single episode appearance in the second season TNG episode: "Peak Performance" - and weaves a whole fictional history around it. A live action movie set against green screen backgrounds, it is set in 2285, the same year as "The Wrath of Khan" and "The Search for Spock". It will feature original storylines against the backdrop of the turbulent canon events of the time such as the Genesis Controversy and later the Cetacean Probe.

In the 24th Century she was at the end of her career, but this series goes back to the beginning of the ship's history. The pilot episode "Genesis" takes place six weeks after the events in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and deals with the aftermath and political fallout of the "Genesis controversy". The crew includes Cpt Jeffery Pierce (played by Brad Hathaway, the Exec. Producer), Cdr Lara Maximillian, an Orion female raised by humans, and Lt R'Meera, a half Caitian/human female, the science officer and pilot participant in the new concept of "ship's counselor".

They have an ambitiously large ensemble cast, including a female Chief Engineer, a Vulcan doctor, tactical and communications officers and Ensign Roger "Skip" Donovan, the "cocky young pilot".

Brad Hathaway, Exec. Producer of USS Hathaway, says "Our visual and audio inspiration comes primarily from what the producers consider the best of the Star Trek movies, The Wrath of Khan. We hope to explore issues that are current to today's world, in much the same way as the original Star Trek did in its day."

They certainly seem to have the moves right! Their CGI looks good and they have been complemented on the quality of their backgrounds, costuming and make-up. In fact, they've shown a boldness not often seen in Fan films by casting not just one complex alien make-up - a green skinned Orion, First Officer, Cmdr Lara Maximillian, - but two - a Caitian/Human female, Lt R'Meera. The make up and "cat’s eye" contacts were too much for the first actress to try for the part of R’Meera, Christen Heilman, and it was one of the reasons why she eventually had to give up the part.

The Hathaway, like most new groups, is striving to keep interest alive in the pre-production period. For example in late September, Traeonna Wagener who plays the Orion 1st Officer, built them a snazzy new website and forum.

With scheduling conflicts being the most predominant of their concerns right now, the estimate of release for the first episode has been revised to the 1st Quarter 2006.


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