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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Morning Star in 2005

Location: England

"Star Trek: Morning Star" (MS), the 2003 brain-child of Christopher Edmund, was in the planning stages for around a year or so, changing its name two or three times along the way. Originally "Star Trek: Independence", it then became "Star Trek: New Worlds" and finally "Star Trek: Morning Star". Catastrophe struck when for some unknown reason, the web-service he was with when he made the pilot episode erased it from their servers! It has been remade and is out now in three parts. There's a problem with part 3, act 2 - the version that is out now is wrong however it is planned to be re-made over Christmas 2005.

The series is set a year after the movie "Star Trek: Nemesis" and the pilot episode, "Dragons Teeth", deals with an attack on the U.S.S Defender by the Tholians. The crew and ship of the series get the defender's distress call but when they board the ship they find the crew totalled by an alien invasion force called "exomorphs". These are a non-humanoid semi-intelligent creatures, who have acid based weapons that they shoot from their mouths, an exoskeleton and powerful claws.

The basic storyline of the series, is that a sub-space vortex has opened up in a nebula within federation space and an alien force called the "sky-are" have attacked the U.S.S Orlando with positron weapons so powerful that they ripped through the ships shields. With the crew captured, tortured for information and then carved up into bite size pieces, the sky-are then download the ship's computer core. When the they fail to check in, the vortex is found and, presuming that they were dragged through, Starfleet command sends in three more ships to search for the missing Orlando. When this task force in turn fails to check in, Starfleet assumes the worst and sends in the Federation reserve fleet under the command of Admiral. M. J. Bandit accompanied by the recently launched U.S.S Morning Star for tactical support.

After a major battle near the Beta Quadrant end of the vortex, it collapses and the fleet is stuck at the wrong end with the possibility that the vortex might only reopen in a year or two. The fleet decide to stay and put down roots, which leads to the formation of the Beta Quadrant United Federation of planets or "Beta Federation".

The hardest part of this project is to find a guest cast of voice actors so anyone who wants to help should feel free to email Chris at The first season will be 10 episodes in total with following seasons cut down to 6 episodes each. Season 1, episode 4, "The book cover" is scheduled for December.


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