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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Final Odyssey in 2005

Location: International

"Star Trek: Final Odyssey" is best described as a potential Fan Film Series that Sciverse Productions is thinking of putting together. "While there is no guarantee that “Final Odyssey” will ever be made, we have high hopes..." This is a group of writers, poets and artists from America, Israel and Japan, with little or no experience in producing films. Most of the filming will take place on location in Israel, perhaps some on the Isle of Ghia in Scotland as well as some third-world locations currently undisclosed.

Their concept is to return to the days when men where brave pioneers and space was all about exploration. They will explore the relationship between man and machine in a way that reflects the WWII submarine genre, sort of a “Das Boot” meets “The Right Stuff” and “Apollo 13” with a little “Band of Brothers” thrown in with stars as a backdrop. “Star Trek: Final Odyssey” will also be the first series, we hope, where the captain will only be a background character, with extended focus on the doctors, engineers, and the enlisted-midshipmen, or the common man.

Set in 2270, between the Original Series and ST: The Motion Picture, the Pilot Episode: “The Chronic Argos”, centres on the part played by older ships, such as the Daedalus and Wasp Class Cruisers which by then were only used for academy training, supply, and survey vessels. Due to their small size and limited power the crews of other, more powerful starships ridicule them.

Could be good. A series where the ships are not super-duper, cutting edge, shiny-new big-boy-toys but old war-horses? A focus on the ship as a community? Sounds like the makings of good drama, taking Star Trek to a new level, without being trendily "gritty" - I especially like the idea of extending the storylines throughout the crew. Star Trek had too few episodes "below decks".

Because they are still at a very early stage in pre-production, "Sciverse Productions© is reluctant to release any information pertaining to the primary mythology and universe in which “Final Odyssey” takes place." A brief synopsis of the pilot-episode has been posted on the “episodes” page, of their web-site, although it is subject to change.

Interesting that this should be described in terms of other films. Perhaps this might help to keep things in context, to make them relevant to the modern world? In this writer's opinion, Trek cannot hope to survive as anything other than a 60's phenomena unless it keeps in contact with the realities of the modern world.


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