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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Star Trek: Mystery Area in 2005

Location: Darmstadt, Germany

This German group appeared on the Internet late this year and looked totally unremarkable until it was discovered that it was being done by a group of 14 year old school boys!

According to the Group's spokesman, Robert Mueller (also heard on Slice of Scifi #021) …

Its a Story about a Steamrunner class Starship, who works for Federation secret service. Its mission is to inform the Federation Headquarter about activities of potential enemys . . . . But it is its Mission to do acts of sabotage, too. The series shows that Federation isn't as nice as it looks everytime. It shows the "Dark Side of Federation".
Robert says he has been a fan of Star trek since he was 6 years old! They have a website which is mostly "under construction". Understandably they have no money for props or sets but as can seen from their website they are making their own props from "polished polystyrene".

All things considered these guys are to be congratulated for what they have done so far. They haven't released any clips as yet although they have posted some photos from a filming on September 12th. My advise would be to have fun! Exercise your imagination! Don't worry about releasing a polished episode, film the story you want to tell and enjoy doing it! That's what being a fan is all about, having a good time with friends who are interested in the same things as you!

Star Trek is commonly thought to be "uncool' for kids. To some extent this might be because Trek script writers try to aim higher than the banal, shallow, testosterone driven shows that are commonly served up to our youth.

Being the father of two teenagers who have grown up with Trek I can say that writers who "dumb down" their scripts for young adults are making a grave mistake. What has impressed my kids the most about Star Trek are the plots, the characters, the way it makes them think about issues.

Certainly professionally produced Trek has a way to go to carve a niche amongst teens - although the plans for a Manga Trek comic could be the first step! Encouraging teenaged fans to act out their role-play in fan films such as these could be a way of Trek fandom expanding that niche. Its working for the Star Wars franchise, just take a stroll through


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