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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Star Trek: Impact 25 in 2005

Location: Teeside, UK

A new Trek Fan Film outfit at the concept stage in the UK. saying hello on the Hidden Frontier Forum for the first time in August, their website shows them to be a group of fresh new faces interested in developing on the Star Trek Mirror Universe . Good Luck!

The groups in week two of the Trek United Fan Film Campaign, illustrated the mechanics of starting up a fan film group. At one end of the spectrum we had ST: Intrepid which had come a long hard road, two and a half years, to get to within a stone’s throw of releasing their first episode. At the other end of the scale we had Star Trek: Impact 25, who are best described as a "Concept Group", formed to investigate the possibilities presented by a specific concept, in their case the "Mirror Universe".

First seen on the Original series episode "Mirror, Mirror", the Mirror Universe is a popular theme reprised on Deep Space Nine and recently on Enterprise. It is an alternate reality where the values of good and evil have been reversed and where cruelty and ambition are the norm.

The Impact 25 team posit a renegade crew from the Mirror Universe that is stranded in the mainstream Star trek universe in the time period after Deep Space Nine. What would it be like for them, stuck in a universe where the very principles of deceit, dishonour and destruction, that they have been indoctrinated with since birth, are held as negative values.

They have a small cast at present, and everyone is involved in production, plus a small specialised crew of three: one on CGI, another on costume design and script writing and a third on interior design. The Writer and Director are at the moment throwing around plot ideas and gathering information on fan film production. At the moment they are tending towards the idea of filming live-action against real sets, an ambitious plan for a group with limited resources.

I thought for a while that we had lost them! Their website went down and their forum went quiet. A fan film is a major undertaking and there is a certain amount of attrition, especially amongst new groups. Fortunately though it was because of work pressure and on October 14 their new website came up. They seem to have been working hard behind the scenes since then with talk of set building and test filming.

They have posted that they are working towards a Spring 2006 production since "none of us want to walk round cold, soggy fields"!


  • It would appear that this small fan production group has called it quits: their domain is in the hands of a registar, their secondary forum is gone, their MySpace page is gone, and I can find no recent news of their effort. From my limited peripheral perspective, this is actually pretty unusual; almost all of the fan groups that reach that point of publicity seem to stick with with it at least through one episode. Of course then there's the extreme example of Damnatus, whose German creators finished production but haven't been *allowed* to share it. >:-(

    By Blogger Vulcan, at 5:40 pm  

  • It's true there has been very little attrition in Star Trek fan films once they have got to the pre-production stage. However it might be because most ST fan films are large, cooperative group endeavours - Perhaps Impact25 might not have been able to break that threshold of numbers of members needed to keep it going? I remember that they had horrendous luck with having their expensive equipment stolen.
    I've never heard of Damnatus - got a link?

    By Blogger Kirok of L'Stok, at 11:43 pm  

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