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Thursday, February 02, 2006

ST: Dark Armada in 2005

Star Trek: Dark Armada
Location: Westmaas, The Netherlands

In week one of the Trek United campaign we had some of the newest groups and one of the oldest. Dark Armada is a European group of predominantly younger Trek fans. They are living proof that the Roddenberry dream can still be seen as a vibrant and relevant message for the modern world.

"Admiral" Robin Hiert, an energetic young film-maker, has gathered a crew from Star Trek fan clubs and gaming clans right across the Netherlands and Belgium. Based out of Westmaas, in a short five months he and his friends have made several 3D meshes, a dramatic storyline and have generally put together a very strong concept.

They are forging ahead with a new website, an active Forum and a new trailer released in late September.

They were recently at the "Screen Heroes" convention in the Jaarbeurs located at Utrecht over the weekend of Sep 24-25. Although the convention seems to have hit financial problems (their website is dead), it was very successful for Dark Armada with 8 new members signed up! They were at the stand of The Flying Dutch with the slogan "After More Than 700 Years... She Sails Out Again" referring to the flagship of their production, the Batavia - "a Nova-class scout ship commanded by Captain Alexander Richardson"

October brought an updated trailer, all their own work, and a start to the process of working out costumes and sets. They are currently working on their first test episode to be filmed in December which will take place in the TOS era and is an intro to what's to come in later episodes. Have a look at their latest trailer for a teaser of what it will look like.

On October 21st they attended another convention, Utopia VI at Scheveningen, a small town at the Dutch coast. Their stand had information about their own project as well as trailers and episodes from other groups that were very well received by Trek and SciFi fans in general.

The Dark Armada group is the fore-runner of a new breed of fresh, young film-makers who can see that there are still stories to be told in the Star Trek universe. Their excellent graphics and infectious energy ensure that they will definitely make a mark in the European and world fan film community


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