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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

HF 'Vigil', Henglaar, Dragon*Con, Wonder Woman!

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier (Sep 13)
Hidden Frontiers latest newsletter is out now. Wanna a teaser? ...
‘Vigil’ Coming Soon / Bonus Features: Their 41st episode is expected to clock in at nearly network-TV length. Vigil weaves together four storylines in an episode fans will be talking about for some time to come.

Henglaar in New Voyages: John Whiting, HF's Doctor Henglaar, is crossing over in the opposite direction to James Cawley by doing a guest spot in ST:NV by portraying his character's own ancestor.

HF Writer, Fan at Dragon*Con: HF's writer, Carlos Pedraza, appeared on six panels at the nation's largest science fiction convention, Dragon*Con, over Labor Day Weekend ... and guess who he sat next to? Oh! Lucky man!

Wonder Woman in ‘Vigil’: The crossovers continue as Michelle Laurent, the ‘Amazing Amazon’ of Redcape Cinema’s Wonder Woman: attle of Justice comes to HF In Vigil.
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