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Sunday, September 11, 2005

NV Star Crossover and Set Interview

ST: New Voyages (Sep 7)
The news from New Voyages in the media this month is that James Cawley, who plays Captain James T. Kirk, is to portray another famous captain – Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, hero of Peter David’s popular book series - Star Trek: Excelsior - in the next episode of ST:Hidden Frontier, “Vigil”!

Away from the media spotlight, Jack Marshall is at the moment filming until September 19th. Up 'til this week, everything from the set including it's location has been a closely guarded secret although ST: NV have given us a few tantalising hints at what to expect, such as a new shuttle set, new, original music from Patrick Phillips and Wide Screen (16x9) filming, a new Teaser Poster and of course the big news of their future schedule that I reported last month.

Thanks to an anonymous tipster (thanks Tom!) I can report that Jack has given an interview to Capital News 9 which can be viewed online in text as well some fascinating sneak peaks of the set at Wheelock's Garage in Port Henry, New York.


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