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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Lexington back on track

ST: Lexington (Sep 4)
After a setback last month where they had to advertise for a new director, Lexington is back on track with a vengence! According to their Website they have decided to make their first episode, "All in the Appearances" into two 45 minute parts. Originally scheduled to start filming in mid to late September with a 2006 release, they are now planning a pre-series short film focusing on Alex and Angie which should begin filming in October. If you still can't wait though, they have audio clips available for download right now from Episode #101 and #102.

They've also had a rather neat idea for raising money. Their new makeup artist, Rhoda Cronebach has offered to make women's jewelery which will be sold exclusively on Project Lexington's website. A samples page will be posted shortly and aside from the production costs, all proceeds will be put towards to filming and production costs.


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