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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Borg Wars Machinima

Borg Wars! (Sep 7)
I've found out more about this amazing machinima that I wrote about in last months "Hailing Frequencies Open". Its creator, Geoffrey James, is a New Hampshire journalist, which shows in the tight script and well-crafted plotline, and was created using two computer games, Starfleet Command III and Elite Force 2. It will build into a feature-length animation scheduled for completion in Spring of 2006 with it's own website, which will go live before the end of the year:

"Three out of six segments," says Geoff "comprising the first forty minutes of the film, are available for limited review. The fourth segment will be completed next month, with the final two segments to be completed at 3 monthly intervals. A teaser is also available and a more detailed trailer will be available when the website comes up."
All files are available in High resolution (Hi) and Low Resolution (Lo) which were specifically designed as "PocketPC" sized versions - much lower resolution but about 1/5 the size of the full files. The files for the Teaser(Hi & Lo) and parts 1(Hi & Lo), 2(Hi & Lo) and 3(Hi & Lo) are available from the Authors website and Star Trek Elite Force Files

Not to be confused with the Half Life 2 game mod of the same name, BorgWar is being released as a "new game material" in compliance with the game licenses. The project is entirely non-profit "charityware" which means that fans who enjoy the movie are invited to donate to Geoff's chosen charity, the Big Brother/Big Sister program.


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