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Friday, January 27, 2006

ST: Andromeda in 2005

Star Trek: Andromeda
Location: Osnabruck, Germany

Lee Andrew, an Englishman who has lived most of his life in Germany, has been instrumental in almost single-handedly recruiting every major German fan film group to the Trek United campaign. Their four clips and an interview will be joined soon with another interview depending on the workload of one of Lee's co-creators, Arbian Shabaj. At the moment they are looking to release their first episode this year.

The origin of ST: Andromeda goes way back to 1997 when a group of friends produced an audio drama series called "Star Trek: The Undiscovered Series". The desire was always there though to produce a Star Trek fan film and over time the crew gained the experience and resources to finally make their dream come true.

In June of 2004 they officially launched their website and on July 24 they shot their first scenes although they only released their first teaser in October of that year. The pace of work has always been slow for Andromeda, mainly because of two factors, lack of manpower - it is basically a three man operation - and a dedication to high quality work.

The cast of ST: Andromeda is also the production crew. Friedrich Bensch plays Commander Bensch, previously assigned to the USS Lakota before a stint on a research station, who is now assigned to the USS Andromeda. Arbian Shabaj who wrote the storyline behind Star trek: Andromeda, plays an admiral who was kicked out of Starfleet during the Dominion war, only to be reinstated and continue a distinguished career. Lee Andrew is not only the captain of the USS Andromeda, but the scriptwriter, 3D animator, sound and video editor, special effects guru as well as being webmaster of the forum and website. Lee has even found the time to lend his voice to one of the characters in the Trek Audio drama "Star Trek: Pioneers"!

One member of their team who you won't be seeing on camera is Clifford Hoeft, who joined them as lead graphics designer in September, releasing their first Film poster in October.
2005 has mainly been a year of improvements to their online presence, a new version of the first scene, their first wallpaper, a podcast and, in June, a short video Interview "showing current production status, information and commentary on the pilot episode from the cast and crew."

In keeping with the amateur status of the production crew, they are after all learning their trade as they go along, details of the finished product are at the moment sketchy. They see their pilot episode as a "Technology and Ability Demonstrator", with episodes of between 45 to 60 minutes in German with English subtitles. In common with many Trek fan films, ST: Andromeda will be live action shot mostly against Green Screen backgrounds with stunning CGI ship scenes.
STOP PRESS! This is the latest update from Lee:

Our release date is now set for the end of 2006, as we now have another actor working with us, but can't start shooting his scenes until June this year. With post production following, I estimate another 6 months for the overall editing and such, hence release at the end of 2006.

We have a new download to watch. (first part of our Scenic-Art-department) and we will release more footage as we progress. This year we will have a lot of progress, and we will release more things in shorter intervals, so you can actually really see our progress. ;-) Next up though, is the second download from our Scenic-Art-department.

originally published in the "The LIEF Erikson", January 2006


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