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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Constellation's concept and storyline

Star Trek: Constellation (Sep 3)
Jimmy from "The Constellation project" got back to me with some more information on the concept behind this fascinating project. From their forum there's a wealth of background...

Imagine if Star Trek had been a TV series based on a mid 1950s sci-fi film. "Constellation" aims to be the 1950s Star Trek film that never was. From our cinematography, to our characters, to the music, and the style of FX, we hope to capture a 1950s feel, with modern production quality. Our inspiration is drawn heavily from the fan-produced community. From "Star Trek New Voyages" and "Starship Exeter" to "Hidden Frontier".

Our other inspiration lies in old films like "The Forbidden Planet" and "The Day The Earth Stood Still". We hope to make a film much like "Sky Captain"... a modern film that brings to mind memories of the heyday of sci-fi. The classic Star Trek pilot "The Cage" also brings a great deal of inspiration.

For our Klingon characters, I have used John Ford's novels "How Much For Just The Planet" and "The Final Reflection" as reference. Ford depicts the Klingons much more like the samurai of ancient Japan, rather than the modern view of Klingons as being more akin to Vikings or Celts. Ford's names have a certain Japanese flare to them. I have altered them slightly to have a decidedly "Soviet" sound, as our concept would require a slight "anti-Soviet" train of thought. If some of the Klingon names and designations sound Russian... it's on purpose.

For historical and technical reference, "Constellation" is based squarely in the "fanon" universe. Our heroes' ship, USS Constellation NCC-1017 is a design created by Masao Okazaki... his Lancaster-class cruiser.

... for more see the forum's Story thread.


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